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Personal Styling & Shopping Services

Make shopping fun again! Take the guesswork out of shopping for clothes and leave the store feeling confident in what you bought when you go shopping with your personal stylist.

Benefits of Shopping with a Personal Stylist

If you've ever gone shopping to find an outfit for an event, or just to find a new pair of jeans, you know how exhausting it can be. You spend hours sifting through racks of clothes, trying things on, wondering whether or not it looks good...the list goes on. All to come home and second guess your new outfit. 

Save time (and your sanity) when you go shopping with your personal stylist.

As your personal stylist, it's my job to help you find clothes that look great on you, enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident. 

Available virtually or in-person, my personal shopping service gives you a personal styling service and a personal shopping all in one package! 

How Personal Shopping Works


Initial Consultation

We'll meet in person or virtually on Zoom to discuss your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your style preferences to start curating a closet that's perfect for you.


Shop til we drop!

We'll meet at the store, or I'll come along virtually, to shop for outfits. I'll do the sifting while you sit back, relax and enjoy your personal shopping service.


Wardrobe Consult

We'll meet to discuss your new pieces so you can confidently work them into your wardrobe.

30 years of experience

Certified Color Artist

Certified Make-Up Artist

Retired Nordstrom Personal Stylist

Go Shopping with a Personal Stylist!

Invest in yourself through style with personal styling services. Create a wardrobe designed for you, so you can feel confident getting dressed every day. 

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