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Personal Color Analysis

Unlock the power of your natural beauty with a personal color analysis.

Color Palette Analysis

Transform yourself one color at a time with a personal color analysis consultation. 

Learn what colors you look best in and how to wear them to enhance your natural beauty when you get a color analysis from a personal stylist.

Wearing the right colors can help you even out your skin tone, brighten your eyes and even make you appear thinner! 

How a Personal Color Analysis Works


Initial Consultation

We'll meet in person or virtually on Zoom to analyze your color palette.


Color Analysis

I'll analyze your skin tone, eye color, hair color and other features to outline your personal color palette. Then, I'll send you a guide outlining how to start wearing your colors!


Exclusive Personal Color Guide

You'll get a pocket size color guide to have a quick reference of what colors look best on you, perfect for keeping in your handbag for when you're out shopping!

30 years of experience

Certified Color Artist

Certified Make-Up Artist

Retired Nordstrom Personal Stylist

Personal Color Analysis Consultation

Brighten your complexion, bring out your eyes and enhance your natural beauty simply by understanding what colors look great on your skin tone!

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