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Let me help you update a favorite, add the pizzazz, and pull it all together

Personal Shopping

When you choose to go on a personal shopping experience with Marcia, expect to find clothing selected, ready, and waiting for you.

Well Organized Closet
Wardrobe Consultation

* This experience will help you remix, refresh, and create new styles out of your existing wardrobe and eliminate what doesn't work for you anymore.

* You will expand the potential of your wardrobe by knowing what you can build on from your existing pieces and then create a season-less wardrobe that can be worn year round.

* At the end of the session, you will have a closet that is organized and easy to work with.

*  This service will help eliminate the frustration of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

* Includes photo portfolio of the day.

Remix, refresh, and create

Travel Wardrobe Planning

* Packing for a business or pleasure will be a snap...and you will have more options with less to carry.

* You will have a more coordinated and concise wardrobe planned ready for any adventure on your trip.

* Go from morning to night with minimal changes to be appropriate for every event.

Around the world in one suitcase and 4 pairs of shoes

Image by Zui Hoang
Color Consultation

* The key to COLOR: Knowing the colors you look best in and knowing how to wear them.

* This can actually even out skin tone, brighten your eyes, and yes, make you appear thinner!

* Bring attention to your communication center: your face. Did I say younger?

Transform yourself, one color at a time

Wedding Photographer
Wedding Wardrobe Solutions for Mothers

* Be ready for showers, gown selection and all the activities leading up to the wedding.
* Relax and enjoy every occasion knowing you have the right thing to wear.
* Have a wardrobe plan to rely on so you can concentrate on your “to do” list.
* Be confident when you walk down the aisle in your special  dress for the wedding and reception.

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